Black Pine Bonsai

The Black Pine Bonsai have dark green needles which are quite long and thick. The bark has a rocky texture to it. It likes to be in full sun and it therefore follows that it must be protected from cold winds and frosts.However if the sun becomes really scorching it may benefit from a little shade.

Black Pine Bonsai like to be watered when the soil is drying out, they are a drought resistant species and it’s not a good idea to keep the soil permanently wet as the roots will rot and ultimately lead to death of the tree. Sparingly water in Winter but lots in Summer, especially if the soil is free draining. Which of course, is what it should be.

Repotting is done every two or four years in Spring (early to mid) using a free draining soil type. Mix Akadama, which is a soft, fired, volcanic clay with other soils or use on its own. A professional bonsai soil mix is a good idea to use as they are designed to be non-compacting, thus keeping the right amount of air and water in the soil.

Can be grown from fresh seed, if you want to wait a good few years, but I would personally buy an established bonsai or some garden centre stock.

You can prune throughout the growing season by removing long shoots and overcrowded twigs should be cut in Summer. Also during the growing season Black Pine Bonsai can be fed every two to three weeks.